Advanced AI analysis for marketing in instant messengers to enhance user acquisition outcomes, predict marketing decisions through Big Data, and optimize marketing efficiency for businesses.
● You will see those who have unfollowed and can learn the reasons for leaving.

● Knowing the reasons you will adjust your promotion strategy and tailor your content.

● This is important because it's 5 times more expensive to get a new subscriber than it is to retain an existing subscriber.
Watch for changes in subscribers
  • Who left and who came
    Once a day you will get the names and nicknames of subscribers who left and came with a graph of changes over the last 7 days, month and 3 months
  • Subscriber lifecycle
    Next to the nickname of the departed subscriber we write the number of days the person has been following your channel. If you are paying for the promotion of your channel, a short or shrinking subscriber lifecycle means you are losing money and the losses are growing. Simultaneously, the price for keeping the same number of readers is rising.
  • Reasons for leaving
    To understand how to maintain your subscriber base, it's important to know the reasons why people leave. To do this, we automatically poll subscribers who have left from a proxy account and you get a report and recommendations. Feature is in development
Analyze the effectiveness of the promotion
  • Know the most profitable channel and the exact cost of attracting subscribers
    The longer the attracted subscribers stay in the channel, the more of them there are and the cheaper the advertising cost, the better is the advertising activity. Feature in development
  • Analyze the subscriber lifecycle visually by cohort
    You may get a lot of subscribers through advertising, but half of them will leave after 1-2 weeks. This will mean that this is a bad marketing channel, although it may seem otherwise at first, and details usually get lost in the flood of ad activity, and numbers are obscenely averaged. Feature in development
  • Create cohorts by time and by inviting links
    It's not always possible to use an invite link when promoting. Define a cohort by hours or days of promotional activity. Feature in development
One last thing
Download the data into excel
Do your own analysis if our reports are not enough. Feature in development
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